Copenhagen Airport (CPH)
Car Parking

(Copenhagen, Denmark)

Copenhagen Airport (CPH) has extensive parking facilities, with designated areas for economy class parking, holiday parking and business or multi-storey parking. There are approximately 7,000 spaces with open-air parking available away from the main terminal buildings and multi-storey parking available closer to the airport. Airport police monitor the car parks and there are also security cameras.

Parking charges vary depending on the length of stay. If dropping passengers off, drivers are advised to do so outside the Terminal 2 building, near the P4 multi-storey car park, or alternatively outside Terminal 3, adjacent to P6 car park.

Economy Class - P1, P5 and P9 Open Air Car Parks

The designated P1 area is located close to Terminal 1. Economy parking for terminals 2 and 3 is at car parks P5 and P9. All these areas offer open-air car parking and are located away from the main terminal buildings. Economy parking tariffs are colour coded in green on the pricing list. They can be used for short-stay parking of up to 8 days.

Holiday Airport - F1, P2 and F2 Car Parks

The areas specifically designated for holiday parking are numbered F1, P2 and F2. These locations are located away from the main terminal buildings. Holiday parking tariffs are colour coded yellow on the pricing list.

Business - P4, P6, P7, P8 and P10 Multi Storey Car Parks

Termed business parking, this parking area is really for anyone who wishes to leave their car in a covered area close to the main terminal building. Business parking tariffs are colour coded blue on the pricing list. The areas designated as business parking are numbered P4, P6, P7, P8 and P10.

Disabled - P1, P4, P6 and P8

There are specially designated disabled parking spaces on the ground level of the P4 multi-storey car park for short-stay purposes only. Longer stay parking is available at the P6 and P8 multi-storey car parks. Terminal 1 has an area designated for disabled parking for setting down passengers and short-stays only. This area is located outside gates 3 and 6. P1 open-air car park also has disabled parking spaces.

Copenhagen Airport CPH

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