Copenhagen Airport (CPH)
Facilities and Services

(Copenhagen, Denmark)

It has been the goal of Copenhagen Airport to ensure passengers enjoy a pleasant stay at the airport. Copenhagen Airport (CPH) is considered by many to be the finest airport in Europe. As a major transport hub and the largest airport within the Scandinavian region it has all the amenities one would expect of such a busy airport.

Besides the array of shops and refreshment outlets associated with an airport of its size, there are also first-class business facilities. For weary or merely bored travellers there is the option of a shower, sauna and even a tanning booth. There is also a family area with children's amusements.

Airport Information Desks

There are a number of airport information and transfer desks, and service centres located throughout the airport. The two transfer centres are located in Terminal 3 and can handle re-bookings, missed flights and cancellations. The service information areas are located in the Transit Hall and terminals 2 and 3, both situated next to security check-in. These information desks can handle enquiries regarding airport services, flight information and much more.

Shops, Duty-Free and Retail Outlets

There is a wide range of shopping outlets located at Copenhagen Airport (CPH). There is a selection of travel essentials, gifts and presents including clothing and electronics goods as well as duty free items such as alcohol and tobacco. There are also a number of shops located in the Arrivals Hall and even the opportunity to go duty free shopping with many of the same offers that are located in the Transit Hall.

Bars, Cafés and Restaurants

There are a number of coffee shops, snack bars and casual dining options located throughout the three terminals. There are also three restaurants: a steak restaurant located in the Transit Hall; a seafood bar with the option of ordering lobster, oysters and champagne; and an Italian restaurant. There are also fast-food outlets including McDonalds and Burger King.

Currency Exchange, Communications and Banking Facilities

Danske Bank offers a full range of banking services. There are two branches - one located in Terminal 2 and the other in the Transit Hall. Nordea offers counter exchange services, while ATM machines are also available.

Business and Conference Facilities

There are five executive lounges offering business class service. The Hilton Meetings are located on the fourth floor of Terminal 3 and have extensive amenities including a boardroom, one conference room and nine separate meeting rooms. Copenhagen Airport also has free wireless Internet access and there are self service Internet/computing kiosks in the Transit Hall. The Hilton Copenhagen is situated within easy reach of the airport and was awarded the title of 'Best New Business Hotel' in 2001.

Disabled Facilities

The needs of disabled passengers have been carefully considered. There are automatic opening doors, wheelchair ramps and disabled toilets as well as a passenger escort service in operation.

Family Area

There is a family area with seating for adults and a play area for children located in the Terminal 2 Transit Hall. There is a 'Kids Airport' located in Terminal 3 and baby changing facilities situated nearby the Transit Hotel.


Accommodation is available at either The Hilton Copenhagen or the Transit Hotel. In addition, walk-in shower, sauna and tanning booths are available on request at the Transit Hotel.

Left Luggage

Copenhagen Airport has baggage lockers in terminals 1 and 2. There is also a left luggage facility located between terminals 2 and 3.


Other facilities at the airport include a prayer room and an onsite petrol station.

Copenhagen Airport CPH

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